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Am i the only one?

(Creativesip) #1

Am i the only one having issue viewing models in Google chrome ? i checked in Firefox and its working fine. But Google chrome is glitchy !


Can you tell us exactly what version of Chrome? e.g. 41.x.x.x.x.

What Operating System?

Only certain models? Every model? Can you post an example?


(Oceandiscovery) #3

Working great in Chrome for me

(Jfm3d) #4

I think update Chrome would fix it, did it for mee.

(Bart) #5

What kind of problem did you have? I just had a bunch of models display in black after the textures finished loading. Tried again a few minutes later and they were okay..


Sounds like video card hiccups. Usually refreshing and/or reducing RAM/VRAM load from other tabs/software does the trick for me.