Ambient Occlusion Flicker

(Iamdeeber) #1

Just noticed a flicker/stutter in the lighting on some of my models. Appears to be happening on other users models as well. Very prevalent during rotation or zoom of a model. Turning off AO fixes that, but that's not the right solution. Help?

(Vlad) #2

Which AO you mean?

(Bart) #3

Also, please share the URLs of the affected models as well as more information about your setup (operating system and browser). Thanks!

(Iamdeeber) #4

Operating System: Windows 7
Browser: Google Chrome
And I was referring to the SSAO.

Here is one of my models:

And another random one I found on Sketchfab:

(Vlad) #5

did not see any problem on my PC Windows 10 Latest Chrome.

Which GPU and driver version you have?

(Iamdeeber) #6

NVIDIA Quadro K4000
Driver: NVIDEA

(Bart) #7

I can't reproduce it here either. Would you be able to record your screen as this happens, to help us zoom in on the issue?


A screenshot of this report could be helpful too: