Amusing sculpture fantasy

(Lapin) #1

Hi colleagues! Recently I came across an amusing picture of the sculpture. With the help of Google I found out who the author is. This is were talented Chinese sculptor Liu Xue. He's a traditional sculptor. And I really wanted to consider his creations at my computer. So I decided to make them in ZBrush. :wink: I used to do several projects at once, so I chose to start two characters. This is the progress for today.

The website Liu Xue

(Bart) #2

Wow very creepy, I like it :wink:

(Nomadking) #3

The fat guy is very disturbing, especially when you see it in colour from the reference picture. Nice job making my skin crawl! :wink:

(Lapin) #4

thank you. At the end of sculpting I plan to paint both models in original colors. :wink: ))

(Lapin) #5

A small update.)

(Electrocactus) #6

Damn, it looks so good! Keep it up!

(Lapin) #7

electrocactus thank you very much. I started to draw the details.))

(Lapin) #8

The work was to completion, but suddenly appeared a bug.

(Lapin) #9

(Lapin) #10

(Nomadking) #11

Brilliantly disturbing :wink:

(Lapin) #12

nomadking thank You very much. My wife said: What a nasty person!. He has a disgusting face!.))))))

(Rommalart) #13

Haha love the big fat guy :smiley:

(Lapin) #14

rommalart thank you.)
Another character for my virtual Cabinet of curiosities.)

(Lapin) #15

Quick sketch.

(Rosie Tesmenitskaya) #16

These Are Amazing Amusing sculpture fantasy Arts , Loved it ,Thanks
can any one please suggest me site for more arts

(Lapin) #17

Rosie thank you! Maybe these sites will interest You?

(Dark Minaz) #18

really love your weird sculpts, quite a lot more than the "normal" one.
are you planing on making more into the sort of weird / special sculpts or do you tend to just go for more traditional ones?

(Lapin) #19

Thank you, dark_minaz! I will continue to work with the weird sculpts. But now I need to be distracted by traditional sculpting.))