An ability to use different view angle for preview

(Gonzobonzoid) #1

For example - I would like to have a close up preview on a robot for this model

But after opening it up I want camera to show model at a diffirent angle so you can see whole house and rotate it around a different pivot point


At the moment, the thumbnail preview and the default camera position are always linked. Keeping them separate could lead to confusion, but I do see how there are use cases for having separate “Save Preview” and “Save Camera View” functions.

(Nomadking) #3

+1 to this.

I often have a scene where I want the start camera position to be a wider view of my whole model, which generally make for poor thumbnails as everything ends up quite small and unreadable.

(Shaderbytes) #4

+1 for me as well …

As @nomadking mentioned and I have had clients do this to models , setting up the start camera position - and breaking the thumb view I spent time to get right for them. Not understanding the thumb is the first point of entry , the representation of the content. If the thumb looks bad then a user may not even click to see your model. So yes these two views need to be separated :wink:

(Shaderbytes) #5

Some examples to show this issue :

Top is the way I provided the scene , bottom is how the scene thumb now looks on sketchfab due to the view being changed.

another one :

Same thing here ( although in this other things were changed on top of the view angle… sigh haha )

Anyway the point of the two samples is just to show that users save different start view angles and while it might be a better choice when the model is loaded in the viewer , it is not always the best choice in regards to a thumb view.

EG I know the logic behind the switch model been zoomed out , the model had animations on the controllers and this new view they chose gave more space to see those animations by default, but it also resulted in a less tasteful thumbnail.