An error occured while preparing your download URGET


(Qiangjiadong) #1

2 of my models cannot be downloaded, I saw some enquiries 4 days ago reporting this issue…

Is it my model problem or it’s Sketchfab technical problem?

2 above cannot be downloaded


(Bart) #2

These models are not set to downloadable to I cannot check this.

(Qiangjiadong) #3

I cannot set it downloadable./

See image.

(Qiangjiadong) #4

it seems all the models I uploaded today cannot be downloaded, there must be some similar problem… Thks

(Bart) #5

Ah thanks, I misunderstood. I’ll ask someone to look into this!

(Waleguene) #6

Hi @qiangjiadong,

It was a Sketchfab technical problem, it has been fixed so you should be able to set your models downloadable now (we fixed the first one, the other(s) need to be set to downloadable)
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Keep us in touch if you have any other issue

(Qiangjiadong) #7

Thks, the first one is working now, but others still not working, because I cannot set it to downloads as it constantly saying ‘‘An error occured while preparing your download’’…

Shall I reupload them or,…?

I think there are 2 models not working at the moment.

The other one called Lacia, which I am reuploading now.