An object still appears on Sketchfab, even though I deleted it on the original .blend file

I uploaded my first 3D model to Sketchfab. Everything seemed fine, however, I found an object I deleted before in my original .blend file to be appearing in the viewer. I tried downloading from Sketchfab after publishing, and I still can’t see the deleted object.

How to delete that object entirely?

Here is my submission (the unwanted object is the white floating card):


You can’t delete objects in the 3D editor - the best solution would be to remove this in Blender, and then use our reupload function. If you really must you can however also select the object in the 3D editor and make it fully transparent.

Hi, thanks for answering!

The problem is that I can’t see it in blender… I deleted that object before and it is nowhere to see in the hierarchy, but it still appears in the 3D editor on Sketchfab somehow.

Can you share the file with me?

Thanks for answering,
you could download the file from sketchfab, else from this link:
(or could you give me another way?)

Ah sorry! I hadn’t noticed that the model was downloadable. I checked it in Blender and I’m puzzled too - I’ll ask our 3D team if they can see what’s going on.

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Hey @hasan.ajami2002 :wave:

Sorry for the issues with your model, this comes from a strange and confusing bug in our handling of Blender files regarding collections.

As a workaround, I’d suggest to you a simple operation to fix this in your model:
Navigate in an “Outliner” area, and display the content of the Blender File, as showcased on the screenshot below:


From here, you’ll have to delete the collection “Collection.001” and save your .blend file.
Replacing your source file on your model by Re-uploading with the new .blend will do the trick and get rid of that “magic” floating card :wink:

I’ve attached a modified .blend file if needed, which gives this result on Sketchfab.

Cheers ! (230.6 KB) .


Thank You!

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