An ordinary day of a little crazy demon [COMPLETED]

(Ayhankin) #1

Hey guys, I wanted to enter this contest from the first moment I heard it, however busy with work and other stuff could not invest as much as time I wanted. Last weekend I was able to do some stuff and gonna share it with you now. Probably I will try end up with a small scene but let's see. I looked at all the entries and they seem really fun. I just wanted to be part of this :slight_smile:

In my scene there will be a gnomish crazy demon and he is cooking but what is he cooking? Is it poisonous or is it delicious? Is he gonna eat it by himself or will he share it :stuck_out_tongue: . Hope you guys like it here is my little demon- still in WIP-. Gonna share the some props of the scene soon

(Pear) #2

<33333 you always pick the best colors

(Zachary Hixson) #3

That little model is fantastic!

(Ayhankin) #4

thanks a lot guys!

(Antonio Jn) #5

excellent as always... good to see you here :slight_smile:

(Michael Calvert) #6

Nice, what's the environment going to look like?

(Ayhankin) #7

environment will be a camp between huge rocks, nobody knows if he is a just harmless crazy demon or if he is actually hurts people with some evil plan :stuck_out_tongue: here is some wip shot from environment and a prop :slight_smile:

(Ayhankin) #8

thanks a lot @antonio_jn and @rawrsoft ^ ^

(Ayhankin) #9

here is a quick rock structure that I sculpted and planing it to use at the scene, so less time so much to do. I guess this is how I do sketchfab contests :D. I am so nervous lol. Thanks for this contest guys

(Pandan) #10

I love your texture quality. soo good! Colors are great.

Good luck!

(Ayhankin) #11

thanks a lot! ^ ^

(Ayhankin) #12

(Ayhankin) #13

I just submitted mine, good luck everyone! It was a real chalenge, I have never done a scene in that short amount of time! Thanks a lot for making this awesome contest again :slight_smile: