Ancient Ruins of Mayan Civilization - My submission for 3D sketchfab challenge

Ancient Ruins of Mayan Civilization - Collision - Nature & Civilization Challenge #NatureAndCivChallenge.

this is my submission for the Sketchfab 3D challenge “Collision - Nature & Civilization”,this Environment ruins has references from Ancient Mayan civilization.

i took from references for the symbols and signs that are traditional and cultural signs of the Civilization.

you can also use this environment in your games,feel free to use in for your games and projects.all the PBR textures are provided.

you can check the renders and short video this environment in Unity on my Artstation.

[Ancient ruins of Mayan civilization - view it in 3D

renders Unity Game view

short video Unity Game view


you did a great job on this, I almost missed the sketkchfab link, you can embed this onto the page as a live viewer if you want?
I would love to see you add some of the trees in the background that you have featured in the unity render, if possible. Don’t forget the judges will be looking only at your sketchfab presentation.
Nice work anyhoo!

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thanks for for your feedback! i dont know how to embed the viewer link here…as a live viewer…i tried but it didnt worked with link…i will try again updating it.

about trees,i thought to add trees …but it would take a quite a lot polygon so…i decided not to have trees .instead add grasses and overgrown ivy stuff.

so i made an environment in Unity instead.

hi, oh, looking back at some of my posts on the forum, I forgot that you can’t embed a live viewer, this might be a nice feature on the forum perhaps (nudge nudge, wink wink, staff)
You can however make the url to the sketchfab bigger using bold/font size.

Regarding the trees, well looking at your presentation again, it seems to me you have lots of headroom left to put more details in, You could use predominantly image planes to build up the foliage of the trees, or other methods, but yea I think you still have lots of headroom there.

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Thank you for your feedback! I will follow your inputs in my future works… I dont if i can submit multiple entries for this challenge😅…i can make some even more better than this if im able to submit multiple entries…

nope no multiple entries :smiley:
But you can modify your entry right till the deadline date

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You can embed the Sketchfab version by simply pasting the URL (not using the share / emebed options from the model)


oh! and i was sharing the short n embed link …thank you very much! :grinning: @nomadking


yah! i might do it, i will update in my WIP topic i posted in the forum ,if i do some changes and addition.