... and the winners are

(Bart) #1

Hello everyone,

our apologies for the delay - we needed JUST a little more time to announce the winners. You’ll find them with the comments of the judges here:

(Mordax) #2

Congrats to the winners! But only 5 honourable mentions? Not 10?

(Plasmaernst) #3

Congrats :tada:

(Tombolaso) #4

WOW thank you for first price!

There were lot of amazing entries and I wasn’t so sure of winning the contest!
I am really sorry for @grigoriyarx and for his disqualification. The treehouse could be the first place as well …

Thank you to all judges! And of course congratulations to everyone else who participated!

(Grigoriyarx) #6

Congratulations for You!!!
And Thank You!

(Draeskai) #7

Congrats to everyone!
I’m so happy to have 2nd place, there were some really cool scenes (sorry for @grigoriyarx… but your scene is still amazing)!
Thanks to all the judges (the comments are super nice!) ^^