Aniamtor/Rigger, looking to do some fun animations!

(Davidirl) #1

Hi there, SO MUCH AMAZING WORK! I am an animator looking to animate some of these amazing anime & hand painted characters!

I am capable of rigging your characters, so if you want to just give me geo/texture that's all I need!

I will do animations by request, as well as make your stuff do REALLY COOL THINGS!

Note: On faces, if you can supply me with even 1 or 2 alternate face poses it can help the animation A LOT (i can make blends or just swap out the faces when I need them) The more face poses the better, but simple idle/angry/happy is enough to get like 99% of cool animations done for fun!

You can check my profile, I have no animations up on sketchfab yet, but I hope to have all kinds cus I LOVE YOUR WORK SO MUCH EVERYONE OMG ITS SO GREAT! You can see some of my personal and professional work there though!

Google Translate version: "If you want me to animate your characters please contact me. I am a professional that is looking to do work for fun!"

I like Hand Painted stylized character models and LOVE the anime work I see here!

(Bart) #2

I guess that would be a great start :slight_smile: Before people hand you their work, you should build a little confidence by showing what you're capable of!

(Davidirl) #4

I got my professional portfolio website linked! I guess I can upload something. Ill give it a shot!