Anim twitching issue

(Marcohakenjos) #1

Hi guys,

I’v been trying to import a stop motion-like animation of a cannon blast.

You can find it here:

Issue is the following:
I have a null object controlling the scaling of each individual “blast frame mesh”, I work on 24fps and scale the mesh from 0-1 within one frame.

In Maya 2018 everything looks fine. I exported it as Alembic, because when exporting it as FBX, it doesn’t wanna show up at all. (I might still be doing smth wrong here… still trying to figure it out)

Now, @ Sketchfab viewer, the anim of the cannon looks just fine (rot. anim only), just all the scaling keys of the blast are twitching within a 4 frame range or so. I thought this might be a fps problem, but I have 24fps set up.

Really weird thing is: When baking the anim with 0.2 samples, I get the same twitching JUST when I see the baking being processed. When playing the timeline, its fine again. Now when loading the Alembic into Marmoset Toolbag, its fine when scrolling the timeline manually, but twitches, when playing at 24fps speed :smiley:

I am trying to figure this out for a while now and my ego doesn’t wanna give up on this lol
I’v also spent some time searching on the forum.

Any feedback is appreciated a lot!!


Hi Marco,

Maybe @waleguene can help. It sounds like an issue with the way we interpolate your frames, but it’s a bit beyond me :confounded: