Animated batman

(Hong Zhihao) #1

Batman animated - Bat Signal! by CGHow on Sketchfab

Hey guys. Created an animation using my previous batman model. Now with bat signal!

More stuff here

(theStoff) #2

That's pretty fun! Might also be cool to have a very subtle movement on Batman. That'd give him more life.

(Hong Zhihao) #3

Hey thanks!

Yeah I did rig the character initially, but I decided to get rid of that after posing and focus on the cape. I suppose it feels more authentic to the batman animated series opening where batman is standing motionless on the roof top with only his cape flapping in the wind.

I would want to go back and re-look at animating the Lightning for my previous non-animated batman piece though :smile:

(Manaberry) #4

Good looking! I like it.

(theStoff) #5

No problem and fair enough :). Good work either way!