Animated FBX Error

(Orihadar) #1

Hello all, fingers crossed that all hope is not lost.
I’ve animated my last project and I’m trying to export it and upload it.
after exporting I’m getting the following error:
“The plug-in has detected mesh nodes with unsupported operators that affect the vertex and/or face count.” To correct this, delete the Non-Deformer history before exporting.

I’m searching online and it seems that the solution is to delete non-manifold history, so I do that and get this issue:
"The -prePostDeformers flag is not supported with the following node(s) in the history: polyUnite3"
and for now I"m just just out of Ideas as to what to do.
I’ve checked the FBX and its just not exporting the mesh - only the joints with their animation.

so please if anyone can share a solution with me, I"ll be happy to try anything

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @orihadar,

Which software are you using ? could you share a sample file so that we can have a look at it and check what’s wrong?

(Orihadar) #3

Ho, I forgot that “tiny” detail - I’m using Maya 2018,
I went for the simplest solution and just unbind it, cleaned up my history, and skinned it again
and it worked: Spell Book
thanks for offering your help