Animated model doesn't display properly


(Psychonautic) #1

I uploaded an animated model, but It only displays an armature, the smaller meshes and a message saying "Model is too heavy for your device and can not be rendered properly. I've had this problem with a few other models on the site, but most work fine regardless of polycount.

I'm on a desktop using chrome and my model is fairly small

Apparently only 2 of the 5 people I showed can see it properly...

(Stephomi) #2

It's the number of bones per geometry, currently you have geometries with 99 bones.

On iOS, the limit is around ~34 bones.
It's a sketchfab limit but we currently don't have any workarounds, so it's on the user's hand, sorry!

If you can do it, reduce the maximum of bones per geometry. Not that the number of bones in the scene can be greater than 34 bones, it's the limit per geometry that matters.

(Psychonautic) #3

Ahh I see! I got rid of a bunch of redundant/static bones and it works now, Thank you!