Animated Sea Shack - my 2nd Blender scene

Hello everyone!

I’d like to share my new scene with you: an animated sea shack based on a tutorial by Grant Abbitt.

I’m still learning the ropes with Blender - for this scene I tried to incorporate some new techniques like some very basic texture painting, physics and animations.
As for the atmosphere - I tried to go for a warm summer beach vibe. I think the 3D Sketchfab editor does a great job setting the vibe.

Let me know what you think.


solid job you did there mister. Only thing I would have added to the scene would be the fisherman maybe some clouds and birds, but overall a good job.

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Thanks for your comment. :+1:

I’ve been avoiding character modeling so far, might be next on my to-learn list.
Good suggestion on the clouds / birds, I’ll try to add those as well.