Animated Spell Book


(Orihadar) #1

Hey, this is my latest work, I’ve animated this spell book for an environment I’m working on
I’m happy with the results but I’ll still be happy to receive criticism and I’ll be happy to improve especially in the texturing section.
Also, is it just me, or animated models receive less attention/ traffic?
usually I get up to 10 views in the first day-or-so and, so far its still on 0 views :frowning:
and when I’ve searched for my model it only showed up ONLY after I’ve checked animated results.
hope you guys will like it.

(Bart) #2

Looks great, although the paper/parchment looks a little flat to me.

The model shows up fine for me; it can be that the search index was still being updated when you first tested it:

(Orihadar) #3

Thanks for the feedback
yeah I see my book too now even without the “animated” checked - guess it take some time.
as for the papers, yeah I’ve kinda struggle with it myself (It’s my first time animating a book ^_^’) I may fix some stuff for the final prudoct :cheers: