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(Faus) #1

The question it's simple, I need annotations to appear at a certain moment in the scene facing the camera.
when my elements appear.

This will save tons of time in post production and hopefully, will set a standard in 3D visualization in construction.
Specially for construction tenders and safety inductions on site.

Is there any advance in tags since the numbers (which are incredibly useful too )

find below the model in which I'd like to create the tags:

(Dark Minaz) #2

So in short a way to use the animation to ping the Annotation and have it move there?
hmm interesting idea, not sure how that could be implemented but i could see quite some use out of that.

For now the simplest way would be to add little 2d planes that the user has to follow, although that isn't perfect but i assume the feature wouldn't be that simple to add and might take a while


You could use the Viewer API to make something more custom, calling the annotation or animation functions as needed:

(Shaderbytes) #4

I dont think having the timeline as part of the 3d scene makes for a good user experience. Especially since you plan to jump around the scene with the camera. Ideally it should be in 2d and interactive. Have a look on this page how sketchfab built their timeline , scroll to the bottom :

You should build it like that and then have the various points on the timeline trigger annotations in your scene.