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Animated Textures - GIF

(Cada Ve R Kage) #1

I understand that reasons, for which animated textures are not available on sketchfab, are huge sizes and amount of possible codecs.
But would it be possible to allow animated “gif”, those are limited in size, and there is only one coding standard [actually that is a list of picture files, in one file]

(Yannick Deharo) #2

Hi @CADAVeRKage!

For your project, do you know that it’s already possible to obtain the same visual effect than using an animated texture ? The effect isn’t really light or easy to set up, but, depending on your needs, that could be okay. (And you can obtain partial transparency whereas gif doesn’t allows it)

Personally, I arrange my animation on the maps in the form of a comic strip. I made as much meshes as boxes in my strip : Mesh#1’s UVs are set to display the first box of the “comic strip”. Mesh#2’s UVs, the second box…
In each animation frame, all the meshes are invisible but one. In my case I scaled every meshes to 1% and hide them in a chimney log (0% produce an error when exporting the FBX). The 100% scaled mesh has to be the active frame of your animation. Your animation have to be set “stepped” for the trick to be invisible.

The alpha map of my fire :

The real-time rendering :

To set this effect, you have to find a quick way to arrange precisely your UVs on the maps. Personaly I used the “UVW Xform” tool of 3DS Max for each mesh. You could probably found a better way…

I hope that could help you.

(Cada Ve R Kage) #3

i have 640x480 px, 950 frames, 37 MB, that is really huge,animated gif
converting that to 90’s game sprites would be really interesting

  1. i have to make 50x19 pictures grid = 24000 x 12160 px [i want to keep quality of animation]

  2. i have to manually address 950 rectangles, that sounds like really cool job, i suppose that i could produce dozens of animated gifs during that time

  3. if i want to obtain partial/soft transparency, i will use gray scale alpha gif as a transparency map

  4. if i want to use full/hard transparency, i will use black and white alpha gif

(Chaitanyak) #4

this is awesome @YannickDeharo !! thanks for sharing that technique!

(Yannick Deharo) #5

Thank you @chaitanyak !

Hi @CADAVeRKage. That’s precisely why I said “depending on your needs”…
No need to be rude with the guy who took the time to answer your topic!

In addition, you could have be probably more precise in your first post.

(Cada Ve R Kage) #6

i wasn’t rude, just explained with points [maybe because of that it look rude] …

A. that i know this method

B. why it is very problematic with animations longer than 1-2 seconds, and large frame sizes

C. that i can get transparency in gif, just like in any graphic / video file

X. animated gifs are recognized by most browsers [all of most popular] without any additional plugins or codecs, and that was first introduced in Netscape Navigator 2.0 in 1995

Y. animated gif are supported in all of online portfolio portals, that i know of

Z. i know only one portal [actually social network] that i was able to upload VRML97 project [that is over 20 years old VR format, and supports video textures], and make it work using additional, standard for that format plugin - Cortona3D - that what i was using for my first VR projects in early 2000’s

(Yannick Deharo) #7

Above all, don’t question the way you express yourself. It is indeed very cordial and does not expose your frustration at all…

(I too know how to be sarcastic :wink:)