Animated Textures

(Noodlecake) #1


I did a forum search about this but I couldn't find any threads about it.

Will animated textures/normal maps (from an image sequence, video file or animated gif) be supported any time in the near future?

It's the thing I am most interested in exploring when I get back into teaching myself 3D modelling and it would be great to be able to share my experiments.

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hi @noodlecake,

animated textures are not supported at the moment, but it could be a good idea.

(Noodlecake) #3

Would creating multiple copies of the same model but with different textures and then swapping out those models each frame work? It would be pretty inefficient in terms of file size, but would it be possible?

(Mauricesvay) #4

It would be inefficient, but it would work.

Here are some models that use this trick, by swapping geometries:

We also support stop-motion animations, for swapping entire models:

(Noodlecake) #5

Ah cool.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Nikkytae) #6

i would like to have animated textures as well, would be a great addition to certain fx related stuff instead of swapping models around.

(Rlockett) #7

yeah the matrix video screen i did is downloadable if you want to try it, just replace all textures with a new image sequence, but you're right, i can tell you its super-heavy on texture memory, and not one to pair with anything but simple scenes :slight_smile:

(Skyeshark) #8

My sound contest entry also utilizes a similar method. However, what I did was use shape keys (morph target) to move the planes of the animation, which allows it to be easily embedded in other animations and reused. It's definitely tedious and adds to your geometry, but yeah.

Oh also, unlike what he did with the matrix scene, I used a single texture sheet for all the frames and used a low amount of not very intensive on texture memory. I did that because I'm used to working with an engine that only supports animations on sprite sheets like that.

(Hansolocambo) #9

If animated textures are too complex to implement yet (but it sure would be a revolution), a way to define keyframes for some values that we define in the "3D Settings" of our meshes would be already damn great. Imagine the flashing effects, fading effects, etc that one could create this way if the sliders of Emission, Transparency and so on could be keyframed ! Let's say if we import an fbx with 50 frames of animation then we dispose of 50 frames per texture in the 3D Settings editor to define variations of some of the sliders that'll then play with the animation. I'm not a programmer so I'm probably dreaming :wink: But it sure would be (in my opinion) an amazing +

(K Rossing) #10

Just started this project

I would love for the glow to have a pulsing/radiating effect if you add image sequencing or anything of the sort in the future!