Animating Ponds and Waterfalls

We have been 3D scanning our koi ponds and pondless waterfalls as we build them. We finally managed to get some shape key animations working in AR, thanks @nebulousflynn for pointing me in the right direction.

I managed to get wave shape keys, on both the falls and water. I have the fluid sim, but the only way I could think to get it to work on Sketchfab was using 1 frame of the fluid sim mesh and apply a wave effect to it to get the stream to animate. I would love to hear a better way to animate the waterfalls.

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Hi your presentation is really nicely done, regarding the area that water might be flowing i might suggest you play around with an effect that is doable in blender.
The artist that demonstrated this effect on a model here:

but the fundamentals of this effect could be used to create flow areas in your presentation, relatively straight forward , but in your case you might need to play around with , perhaps using a cylinder as your base along with material improvements on the water on sketch itself that would compliment this effect

the artist with the original idea also kindly provided a quick tutorial on the fundamental trick of this here:

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Thanks for that tip, I tried some of that today, I might be able to make the deform work with a bit more tweaking.

I think I am compromising with materials of the water, we want it visible in Augmented reality as well as on the screen. Haven’t been able to make water that looks great, yet.