Animating popping at the end of cycle :-/

(Nickholl) #1


I've got an animation of some wheels that looks fine in maya - I'm baking out the animation into an FBX, but when view on sketchfab, the wheels shift on their axis at the end of play through :-/

Would anybody have any ideas what may be causing this?!

many thanks

Alternatives to animating UVs?
(Fongoose) #2

Hi, I have had this issues with non skinned meshes (when you animate the mesh itself instead of using bones). For some reason the animations don't translate accurately. Try skinning your mesh :slight_smile: hope this helps

(Dark Minaz) #3

Had the same, somehow fbx is a little monster that just likes to mess stuff up.
My workaround was to drop it into cinema 4d and export it from there again. That did fix most fbx related issues.

Alternative you can try out the option of fongoose, just remember to not use to many bones
I got one to work with null objects that also seemed to work fine (so not the object but the null locator gets animated)

(Nickholl) #4

Thanks. I just ended up using bones in the end

(Mrchlblng) #5

@nickholl, @fongoose, @dark_minaz, please do not hesitate to report model URLs if you have (animation) issues.

We currently have some compression issues (see this post; the more problematic samples we have, the better!) & from some recent user reports, using the seamless loop option sometimes gives unexpected results.