Animating textures (or alternative workaround)

I’m working on a model for a client and am currently animating it.

I need the needles to appear to be drawing these lines:

I’ve rigged the needles and paper and they work nicely as an uploaded .blend file. The issue I’m facing is how to make the lines appear after the needles as the paper scrolls.

In Blender I would use texture animation to move the lines of the paper however it seems this is not supported in Sketchfab?

If so, I hoped you may be able suggest an alternative. Perhaps it is possible to mask the lines before the needles in some way?

Thank you in advance!

Hi there,

Cool project. We don’t support animated textures/UVs at the moment.

One possibility is to use planes to emulate the animation. Here’s an example (which you can download to inspect. The comment thread also has some details):

You could also use our Timeframe (stop motion) feature:

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Hi James,

Thank you for your reply. Assuming I understand correctly, I’m not sure either of these methods will work for this particular animation.

The paper animation has 400 frames so with the planes solution, to create a smooth animation, I believe I would need to add a separate .png file for each frame? Also, in the example you have shared each image is on a separate plane. I’ve animated one plane to follow a curve path so unfortunately I don’t believe layering a large number of planes would work in this case.

I’ve looked into the Timeframe solution however it seems each frame requires a separate version of the model? I’m not sure if this would be viable for a reasonably complex model animated for 400-500 frames.

I’d appreciate any further feedback and/or suggestions. Do you think Sketchfab will support texture animation in the future? It would be a great feature to have!

Thank you


Sorry for the long silence, I was on holiday for a few weeks.

Indeed, your use case seems too complex for either of these methods. We hope to offer animated textures (probably animated UV offset) in the future, but it’s not on the short-term roadmap.

I’m not familiar with texture animation in Blender (or really in general). How does it work? Can you share a small sample file?

I’ve got the alternative for you, I don’t think you can mask the paper here. but i bet you can paint in photoshop a seamless texture loop and reanimate the model following the small loop of line on texture. and i bet you can bend the paper spline and animate it’s paper appearing in loop. so your paper will be basically be on its place but the root off paper will move creating an illusion of endless appearing… and the end edge of paper would be bending like in the wind.

And i want to say hello to James, I actually have an idea how to realize video textures in sketchfab using mp4 video file.
It works in Keyshot 8 Render. You upload mp4 video but video information must match the UV unwrapped information on model just like regular image file. And it converts mp4 video into png sequence.
here’s the video example how it works in Keyshot.

I hope you’d like suggested idea.
Upd: Oh I actually checked Sketchfab labs, it actually has video texture! can’t wait to test it on my model :smiley:

Seen this topic came up in 2017 already. This right here is a year old as well. Any news on that?