Animation alpha

(Rafazanchetin) #1

Hey, first of all the animation feature is a great one! Made me want to give it a shot at doing little effects on my works.
Now I'm not sure if I did anything wrong as I'm pretty new to it all, but the alpha animationon my model isn't working correctly, it is supposed to start and finish with the seals invisible. Am I doing anything wrong or the alpha stuff hasn't made it in yet?

Seal of Dawn by rafazanchetin on Sketchfab

Hide-Show in Blender not working in Sketchfab animations

Nice model!

I'm not sure we support that yet ( @marc ?)

(Mrchlblng) #3

hey @rafazanchetin @james,
we currently do not handle materials animation. That's something we'll likely do in the future but probably not very soon.
I think a way to cheat this in the meantime would be to use a null scale for the element to hide.

(Rafazanchetin) #4

Thanks guys!

Managed to cheat it and just hide the animations inside the sword until its needed, hehe.
It stills looks good. smile