Animation and Annotations on mobile


(Jets) #1

Hi there,

I have some Questions:

Is it possible to place all of the annotations textboxes on a fixed location on the screen?
for example - on the right corner at the bottom of the screen.

Also - do you have a solution for the annotations texts getting cut in the middle on mobile devices?

And lastly, is it possible to play a sound file when an animation starts (with the first loading)?

Hope i was clear enough,


(Mauricesvay) #2

Hello @jets,

improving the way annotations are displayed on mobile is on our roadmap. For now, the best I can tell you is to keep your annotations short and in the center of the screen when possible.

We don't support sound yet, but it has been requested a few times since we opened the animation beta.
How would you expect sound to work on Sketchfab? What would be your use case? Would it be a single soundtrack or short sound clips? This will help us decide what to implement first.

(Miekeroth) #4

Regarding sound. I would love it and think it would be hooked to the animation. So like for example someone talking or a roar of a dinosaur.


@miekeroth Do you imagine some kind of timeline interface to edit animations/sound?

(Miekeroth) #6

have to think about that one.