Animation Beta: Questions?

(Bart) #1

If you have any questions or concerns about our animation release, please ask them here.


Hi Bart, Thanks for the notification, this really cool!

(Jamesculley) #3

@bartv Hi, this is great but is there any chance the 4th December deadline could be pushed be back a bit? It's just that I am taking part in the Sketchfab Star Wars competition and plan to upload an animation most probably after the 4th as the competition deadline is Thursday 10th December!

(Bart) #4

Hi @jamesculley,

don't worry - we'll be back before then. And if it causes problems for the contest I'll make sure we arrange an extension!

(Shaderbytes) #5

Glad to see you are close to your public release , any word on weather the progress bar visibility toggle has been changed to a button press instead of mouse move. I have posted about it before , James was in agreement with me and since then I saw another person create a thread over the very same thing.

If you have not decided to change this please hear me out :

It is extremely distracting. Doing this sort of thing on mouse move in a media players controls makes sense since you are not interacting with the screen .. except when you need the controls. Doing it in the sketchfab player makes no sense since you are constantly interacting with the screen to navigate around the scene but then the whole experience is marred by this continual UI popping of something you are not actually interacting with at that point.

hope that makes sense and I hope you have decided to have it toggle via button click in the public release :wink:

(Redsparr0w) #6

Will the full release support animations on mobile?

As i have found on my iPhone the models are not shown,
only the bones of the models (whilst still animating though).

Thanks [=

(Shaderbytes) #7

@redsparr0w this has been addressed several times on these forums already , it is a hardware limitation. When the amount of bones used exceeds this limitation then the result are as you are experiencing. I know they have mentioned wanting to update this to at least give notification as to why the model is being displayed like that when it does happen


@shaderbytes maybe a good middle ground would be to display the timeline on mouse move near the bottom? It might be hard to discover if it requires a button press.

@mauricesvay @arthurjamain are there any changes coming to the timeline behavior in the initial release?



(Shaderbytes) #10

Well I guess you have to consider if this middle ground is needed based on statistics , ie ( for every viewer loaded the percentage of users who actually interacted with the timeline, and if so how often ) although that in its own is a biased statistic since it is based upon the timeline remaining as it is. Ideally you need to understand the behaviour of users using the player with the controls hidden by default as well.

It might even be better if it just remained visible , its the appear/disappear that is distracting although on some external embeds like blenderartists or facebook , the viewer window is much smaller than here on your site - in those embeds this timeline is even more intrusive and distracting based on the amount of screen real estate it occupies.

You could also consider exposing an option to choose the behaviour , just like you have an option to hide annotations..?

(Miekeroth) #11

It looks great! Really looking forward to it, also the new GUI!

(Qianqianliu) #12

Hi Bart. I just uploaded a animated character, you can see it here:
there is some red and purple colours on the materials, do you know why?

(Mauricesvay) #13

@james @shaderbytes this is something we want to improve, but it will probably not be part of this release. In this release we will focus more on making the underlying tech more robust and add some editing features, so that everyone can upload animations.

Improvements to the viewer are on the short term roadmap.

(Bart) #14


could you post a screenshot of what you see? The model looks ok to me, I don't see red and purple..

(Qianqianliu) #15

thanks. I just solved the problem. I use PBR, and the red colours are gone.!

(0n31ll) #16

Hey Bart! I'm trying to upload an animation but i'm getting some weird results.

I'm uploading it from maya but some of my parts don't come into the model as I wanted them too. Anything that was parented to a bone structure would simply move to the center of the model, and when I move a part with a using a control in maya and key it, it either doesn't move the entire way, or it starts out already partially moved when uploaded to sketchfab.

Any idea why it would be doing that?

(Bart) #17

Hi @0n31ll,

it's hard to say without seeing the files. A good first check is to run your FBX in Autodesk FBX Review:

Does the problem appear there too?

(0n31ll) #18

It appears just fine in Fbx Review, Weird. but here's a link to mine, sorry had it in private while doing some trial and errors

(Bart) #19

Do you have a video of what it should look like, too?

(Jamesculley) #20

Hey so is animation down currently now? just tried uploading something on the competition thread an animations didn't appear, just checking it is because of this and not because I have done something wrong! :smile: