Animation Beta: we now support Morph Targets!

(Bart) #1

Aku Aku Rig-morph by Adeboye Grillo on Sketchfab


the top feature request from the Animation Beta group was to add support for morph target animations. Well, we can cross that one of our list - we added it this week!

As before, just export your animation to FBX and upload to Sketchfab. It should work without any modifications.

For questions and feedback, as well as for sharing your results, please use this dedicated forum thread. I can't wait to see what you'll make :smile:

Cinema 4D - morphing
(3ten30) #2

Making wonderful progress, that looks incredible!

(Zachary Hixson) #3

Yeah! Morph targets!

(ProjectOL) #4

I tired it!

Cole Morph by ProjectOL on Sketchfab

Well, I have some issue... But still amazing to have Morphs in Sketchfab!

(Bart) #5

I think you've only exported three frames or so? I don't see anything happen :smile:

(ProjectOL) #6

Blender's 2.75 fbx 7.4 bin exporter creates a lot of empty animations next to the one selected, working one. The working one is the 5th, named Fullbody_SF_test
The issues I talked about seem to have disappeared since then.


@carpaintergeril Hopefully we can improve this (cc @waleguene )

When animation comes out of beta, you'll also have the ability to delete animations after uploading.

(Moxstudios) #8

Works Great! here is my test.

Mad Fat Bat (animated) by moxstudios on Sketchfab

(Stephomi) #9

@carpaintergeril As james said we'll try to improve the blender exporter.

But in any case, we'll add some GUI to disable unwanted animation in the editor.

(Ironbelly) #11

Is there a handy tutorial up anywhere with instructions on how the fbx's need to be prepped?


Here's a good place to start. The software-specific tutorials are community generated.


Animated Face by Makeamo on Sketchfab