Animation Blender


(Geitel) #1

Hello, I’m new to Sketchfab and have some problems with importing animations from Blender.

I want to import an animation with multiple steps. For example: a forklift drives to a storage rack, he picks a box up, he drives to the transport truck, he put the box in the storage truck and the forklift goes to its start position.

Is this possible in Sketchfab? If i upload the file now the animation splits up in different animations and he puts for example the animation for the box on de forklift. I upload it via an fbx file.

If i upload it via an Blend file some objects dissapear. But the animation is correct.

If anyone could give me a hint of a solution, or even tell me what I did wrong and how i could fix this, I would be really grateful!

(Saphires) #2

Hey and welcome!

To have an animation play like you want it you should have it as a single timeline animation (no multiple actions) before exporting to fbx, also make sure in the FBX Export settings under Animation tab Baked Animation is checked and NLA Actions & All Actions is unchecked (might have to experiment with those a bit).

Other than that it’s hard to help without seeing the .blend file since I have no idea how your animation is set up or why some of the objects aren’t showing when uploading the .blend.

  • Phil