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Animation Bug: 3D/WebGL context error An error occurred while rendering the model. It might not look as expected

(Fat Of The Land) #1


Ever since yesterday i ve been getting this message not only when uploading animations but also trying to see other animations. I got a preety beefy setup (ryzen 1700, Gtx 1080ti) and no updates occured since last week…i did however updated my GPU drivers just now but with no use. Any tips?

Best of wishes

Animations not working anymore
(Paul Sketch) #2

Latest Sketchfab release introduced a bug on morph animations, hotfix will be released asap.

(Fat Of The Land) #3

Well that s a relief, i thought i had to reinstall windows all over again. Ty man

(Gilles38) #4

Hello, this morning animations are not played anymore…
I have both Alembic and Blender formats but none is working (it looks like one mesh is missing). I have this message:

I am on Mac. Same results with 2 different MAcs and 2 differents browsers.
Any idea ?

(Paul Sketch) #5

The bug is fixed now on