Animation cache maya to sketchfab?

(Romainrevert) #1

Hello everyone,
I can't find a solution to run an animation from a geocache or an alembic cache to Sketchfab.
Sketchfab seems to support only CVs transforms no ? When I animate with a cluster for exemple, it doesn't work, because the CVs transform XYZ are zero.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But we often work like this in animation studios. Animate, then cache it, and send the cache and the model in rendering. It keeps the pipeline clean and clear for everybody.

Thank you !

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @romainrevert,

I'm not sure to understand, what do you mean by CVs ?
Could you paste a link to a model having the issue ?

Note that we only support alembic animations, other files with attached point cache files will not be supported.
Is it possible for you to pack the animation into a single .abc file ? or is it attached to a model file ?

(Romainrevert) #4

Ok I found an exemple on Sketchfab !

Basically, I want to do this

I want to export a blendshape animation on Maya to Sketchfab. I opened his file but I can't figured out what I'm doing wrong. :frowning:

(Waleguene) #5

@romainrevert could you send me a small .FBX sample (with the .mb file if possible) having this data so that I can try to figure out what is missing ?


(Romainrevert) #6

Here it is. *.ma and the *.fbx. Thank you !

scenes.rar (810.9 KB)