Animation capabilities soon?

(Wrapped) #1

I understand that there are plans to introduce animation capabilities (animating objects, e.g. exploding apart, rotating etc.). If so, any idea when they will be implemented?

(Bart) #2

We did a survey a few months ago on animation requirements, and we're looking at our options there. As animation is such a broad topic, we'd need to properly prioritize the features we need to support. It would help us a lot if you could describe how you'd use animation in your Sketchfab work here!

I can't give a date for such work though, sorry.

(Dumenieu) #3

animated characters, for instance:

(Wrapped) #4

I'm producing a lot of models for an educational publishing company, things like car engine parts, central heating units, engineering and construction tools etc. and so an effect like a simple 'exploder' (Verold) could be very useful, as would the ability to click on a part and for the camera to zoom in on it. I assume it would be much easier for for the user to produce the animation and import it in with the model than for Sketchfab to set up either open scripting capabilities or animating tools. Someone like myself would be happier to produce the animation ourselves and import it, however at minimum Sketchfab would need to provide something like an event handler to activate an animation/camera move when a certain object is clicked etc. If you would like to discuss this or our project further, you are welcome to PM me.

(Bart) #5

@wrapped that's very helpful, thanks! I'll pass it on to our developers.

(Dumenieu) #6

some news about? a nice aim or not ?


@dumenieu it's on our roadmap, but I can't really give you an ETA right now...

(Dumenieu) #8

not urgent for me , I most "showcase" here non animated objects, but I was a bit curious. Keep your good work and thank you

(Drea) #9

It would be great to put up animation cycles. For example, walk cycles, run cycles, idle cycle, death fall etc. smile

(Rikvd Biggelaar) #10

Would be nice to start with facilitating a basic parent / child relationships between objects in a model (via import?)
Then be able to assign event properties to those objects (e.g., expand out from model center, hide, unhide, translucent)
Then create a basic event relationship of child w/parent (e.g., open door around common hinge vector)
i.e., when orbiting a model, allow user to execute events for a child object in relation to it's parent object.
i.e, beginning to add some "basic intelligence to objects and sub-objects"

Ideally, the parent/child relationships would be imported from the authoring software with basic events created in Sketchfab by right-clicking and setting some simple properties.

Hope this helps ...