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Animation cinema 4d in Sketchfab


(Dsv86) #1

I tried to upload an animation made ​​in cinema 4d and exported in FBX format. Not let me, the model does not move. Sketchab not support even animations from cinema 4d ? It is my problem?
Thanks and best regards

(Simon Kratz) #2

Hi, did you re-import your fbx back into Cinema4D to see if the animation was exported?

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @dsv86,

We took a look at your model and when opening it back in Cinema4D, the (moving) skeleton appears completely detached from the mesh, that remains static.

Could you check with your c4d file if it's an export issue ? I could be something related to tags or modifiers whose effects are not correctly exported

(Dsv86) #4

Thanks guys. If sketchab allows export from cinema 4d the problem should be mine. I'm starting with rigging so it will be a problem or configuration labels . I will watch what I can do :wink: