Animation Clips Maya Tutorial

(DanielBim) #1

Hi guys
I had a really hard time to find out how to upload a Fbx file with diferent clips on it
I work for a studio remotly and using SketchFab so everyone on the studio can see the animations is great.
So if you have the same need, or just want to use SketchFab as a Portfolio for animation i believe this will help.

Have fun kids

Black Texture on upload
(Dark Minaz) #2

yeah just use the game exporter, create multiple clips and hit export :slight_smile:
That one works great since 2016 version

(DanielBim) #3

i coudnt find that in the web.
I just started looking on maya and WOW found it hahahah.

Like if you are new into it. Skecthfab should have a tutorial about it.
they talk about everything but the clips part.
Anyway i thought that it would be nice to have that online for students.

(Dark Minaz) #4

yeah sure, i thought it was written down somewhere but that might be in the forum somewhere :slight_smile:
i will text some of the admins if we can add a few lines to that for.
Sometimes hard to keep up with all the different tools that constantly update (as with the rather new game exporter) 2016.5 was the first stable version of that feature

(Mrchlblng) #5

This thread should be helpful too: