Animation cycle issue

(Rubiez) #1

Hi all smile

well, so far i was importing idles, animations that are long and you don't really notice the point where the cycle begins or ends.

in the following animation however, i created a run cycle for one of my characters and the cycle has this little freeze every time the animation is looping.

Cerveau_run01ex by rubiez on Sketchfab

and i don't think there is a problem has to do something with the graph, because the animation is baked.

thanks in advance smile


Hmm, looks like an extra frame or something?

What software?

(Rubiez) #3

as a matter of fact there is an extra frame, the first and the last are the same...

I use autodesk maya and it never really cut the flow like this, but i will definitely try removing the last frame and see how its going to work.

(Bart) #4

If I play this animation at 0.1x speed, it seems like it has regular stutters like that. It's almost like it has duplicated keyframes, preventing a proper nice interpolation?

(Rubiez) #5

woah you're right... what the hell??

I just checked all the animations i uploaded and they all share the same problem with stuttering.

(Bart) #6

Can you try playing back the FBX in another tool to see if the issue is in the exporter or on our site?


If FBX Review can do it, we should be able to do it.

(Rubiez) #8

okay, tested the file in Maya, Unity, Motion builder and Unreal engine... animation works fine there

(Rubiez) #9

anything new on the subject of this issue?


Hey @rubiez - Sorry for the delay, we're looking at it!