Animation-Dependable Model/Thumbnail Shot?

Hi, i have a somewhat technical quiestion…
Is there a way to save an animation-dependant thumbnail of a model?

To be more clear, in my Treasure chest model for the current challenge i have created a dynamic lightning effect, so i wanted to accent it on a “save view” scene pose. This one: Transformative treasures - 3D model by iggy-design (@iggy-design) [8d1bdf1] - Sketchfab

The pose is saved perfectly but I seam to be unable to also capture the part of the animation where the lightning and the 3-rd light is flashed on the top of the chest at 5:16. I imagined that this illusion of dynamic lights here in the editor, would be super fun to explore and it really was. :slight_smile:

The small issue i have here, is that i cannot showcase this on a thumbnail, so if anyone would like to see it, they would have to blindly trust me upfront, that there is also a lightning animation in there.

It is of course, nothing urgent, but it would be very cool to have it as an option for these kind of dynamic scenes.
Thanx a lot for the read, Great challenge, awesome platform, if a have missed something, definitely let me know.



Hey Igor! I don’t believe there’s a way to control this, but I have forwarded your request to our 3D team.