Animation doesnt import to SketchFab

Is someone willing to take a look at fbx I try to export and import into sketchfab?

I spend good couple of hours reading documentations on sketchfab and autodesk, trying to export animation i have on my plant from speedtree.

I am not an animator, not sure what can be wrong. I baked it down, i dont use cache. I follow documentation.

Do I need to have a pro account for animations to work/could be imported?

Animation is included in fbx file, right? What might be the reason for sketchfab to not detect it?
When I play timeline, i see my plant waving. Keys are now baked before game export.


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Hi, you can send it to me, and i can check. But if you baked the animation… should work.

I just noticed that you are asking about the animation from speedtree. I overseen that… i thing this is not supported on sketchfab, but i will anyways try it.

Thank you
I have many more plants and this is crucial to figure out how to transfer their movement quickly if want it at all.

In what formats, what ways animations can be stored?
Is it making big difference that it is from SpeedTree?