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Animation import issue

(Rubiez) #1

there seems to be an error with calculating the joints.

I have seen this model in multiple applications and game engines and it works perfectly.

you can see the problem in the link below:

Choklu Beyin Idle01 by rubiez on Sketchfab

from a second look, it seems as if the joints on the big arms, got parented to the joints on the small arms

Animation imports incorrectly
(Shawnbel) #2

What did you export from? I've had luck saving out my animations from Motion Builder as ASCII fbx format with default settings and uploading them onto sketchfab.

(Rubiez) #3

first atempt was binary using maya 2014. then i took your advice and uploaded it as asci default... it got worst... now he's twitching like crazy

(Shawnbel) #4

Did you save it out from Motion Builder? or did you export it from Maya again as ascii??

(Rubiez) #5

Okay,you where right, problem solved smile

for some reason it seems that mayas .fbx files are not very compatible with sketchfab...

all i did was opening the animation in motion builder and saving as an ASCII fbx...and that solved it.

thanks smile

(Shawnbel) #6

Awesome. No problem. It has been my consistent solution so far!

(Waleguene) #7


Thanks @rubiez for your report and also thanks @shawnbel for answering and having given this workaround.
To give you more details about it, the issue occurs for a skeleton where several bones have the same name.
It appears that some softwares take care of this case by renaming the duplicates during the import/export operations, that explains that using MotionBuilder fixes the issue.

A fix is on its way in our side and will be included the next release, so you will not have to use this workaround anymore smile