Animation less models endlessly fall away into the background

(Ripleyvond) #1

I decided to check my models to see how they worked on the latest Firefox and everything looks fine except they fall away, just how that sounds.

Models keep moving
(Bart) #2

What do you mean, 'fall away'? Could you give us a link to check it?


@ripleyvond - I wasn't able to reproduce this on Firefox 41.0 on OS X 10.9.

What FF version and OS/version are you using?

(Ripleyvond) #4

It seems to work ok in other browsers. I'm currently running a bunch of troubleshooting tests, hopefully I'll be back soon. I'm on Windows 7 on the latest FireFox.

(Ripleyvond) #5

I tried a bunch of different troubleshooting tests and even created a new account and logged into it so I could start a fresh profile of Firefox but it still did the same thing. The only thing I didn't try was installing Oracles Java which I would rather not install. Tomorrow I'm gonna record a short video showing what it does. Another thing is this happens with every model I view in Firefox.


We don't use Java so that shouldn't change anything.

The only thing I can think of is some rogue input from a gamepad or similar device.

(Ripleyvond) #7

Hey that solved it! I unplugged my game pad and everything is normal. It was an XBOX controller that supports both Windows and XBOX. Does Sketchfab officially support PC game pads?


Not officially, but clearly we're capturing some input from it. @arthurjamain

If you plug it back in while on a model page, does it start moving away again?

Reminds me of that issue with game consoles when you turn them on while pushing a direction and it messes up the control stick axis.

(Arthur Jamain) #9

Hey there !

We do have some issues with auxiliary input devices. We added support for some particular devices (which I'll voluntarily not name :)), which opened the door for other devices that use almost the same specification to cause problems such as what you have encountered.

It is on my roadmap of things to fix that have to do with input. We'll try to ping you back when it's done !

Thanks for the report !

P.S. : I'm interested in your answer to james' question ; what happens when you plug it back in ? Thanks again !

(Ripleyvond) #10

This is pretty cool!!! :smiley: I'm moving the front page model with my game pad. LOL

I plugged it back in, in the same USB port and it immediately started falling on a fresh load of the front page. As soon as I plugin the game pad the camera slowly begins to pan toward the top of the model and the model seemingly falls away. Its like a drone filming you and continually climbing in height. Do you guys need the make and model of this game pad?


Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, couldn't hurt to have more details. Can't promise we'll actually be able to do anything yet/

(Ripleyvond) #12

Its ok, I can simply unplug it when looking at models. The model is the "Thrustmaster GPX Black".