Animation locked in tpose

(Daniele De Carlo) #1

I am trying uploading an animation with blendshapes with game export via maya. I baked the simulation of the skeleton and I baked also the blend shape node just to be sure, but nothing changes. The issue is that the animation on sketchfab it´s locked in a t pose. but my model start with a runcycle pose at frame 0. I tried several different asset and follow the help center, but everytime my model it´s locked. How can I upoload an animation?

Thanks for any support

here the model:

Thanks a lot james


Hmm, I’m sorry you’re having trouble. Can you share the link to the uploaded model? Thanks!

(Daniele De Carlo) #3

Thanks a lot james

(3DPipelineStudios) #4

My 2 cents, doesn’t look like your animations are exporting at all. You might wanna export the anim and reapply to the model, sketchfab doesn’t like blend animations.

(Daniele De Carlo) #5

Animations works in unity and also in the fbx review app. It seems to me that just the belly moves. So should I delete all the blendshapes and import animations without them?