Animation not displaying on mobile - Samsung Galaxy s7

(Skyeshark) #1

Hi, I recently rigged and animated a model I uploaded here for the first time and I have noticed that the animation does not display on mobile, I've tested it on two different Samsung Galaxy s7 devices. The animation displays fine on desktop but on mobile only an option for static pose is available.

The model in question is my Lowmance entry, a stylized cartoon model of my cat.

(Stephomi) #2

Your model is saved with the static pose as default, if you unroll the animation list on mobile only the rest pose is available?

(Skyeshark) #3

Yes, on mobile, the drop down menu only contains "Static Pose", it doesn't show the walk cycle in the list.

(Skyeshark) #4

I just checked it again and it seems to have corrected itself, at least on one of the phones. I guess this was some browser problem on the phones?

(Stephomi) #5

Looks like it's an issue on our end (responsive ui).

On the samsung s7, try viewing the model on landscape mode, the animation list with the tracks should appear.

If you load the model with your phone on portrait and then switch to landscape the list is there but the animation won't appear.

It's detinitely an issue on our end, thx for the report.

(Skyeshark) #7

Well yeah, originally it was not showing anything but "Static Pose" in the drop down menu on landscape --- now its fixed, but in either case it doesn't display the anim menu at all in portrait.