Animation - only bones showing on iPad

(Lareieli) #1

I recently uploaded an animated dragon model in FBX format from Blender. It appears to animate and display properly on my desktop, but on iPad there is no mesh visible, just the animated bones, even after the viewer appears to have loaded completely. This is not so much a support request but possibly a bug report, as I understand animation is still in Beta.

ETA: I've also successfully uploaded an animated sign model in FBX format from Blender that displays properly on all platforms.

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This is a software limitation of the iPad, related to the number of bones in the model. If there are too many bones for the machine to render, we fallback to the skeleton that you see. If possible, you should reduce the number of bones in your scene.


(Lareieli) #3

Alright, thank you! I will certainly test it out. Was a max bone limit mentioned in the documentation? It might be helpful to future users if not.


Yep we should definitely add that if it's not already there. Thanks!