Animation + PBR

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So i’m trying to get animations + PBR to sketchfab.
As you can see
these simple animations are working, this file uploaded from 3ds max with the sketchfab exporter, but in another file uploaded from Substance Painter, all PBR textures are present. My question then is how do you upload both animation +PBR to sketchfab.
edit; It seems, despite a myriad of different plugs and exporters, the way to go is to use these and pack a zipped folder with textures and animated FBX to upload manually


Yeah I’m not sure how Substance Painter handles exporting animations.

So you got it working?

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Hi James, thank’s for your reply. Yes eventually some results but not without some possibly unnecessary acrobatics. It would be great if you could export an animated FBX via ‘game exporter’ from 3ds max, then import to SP, paint, then export from SP textures and animation. Its a big ask to Algorithmic I guess. to carry that load throuh, seeing as their app has no actual requirements for animated geometry as such.
It’s not so bad packing a zip and really enjoying the tech, great site and, of course, your reply.


If you export FBX from SP, does it preserve animations? The uploader directly in SP uses Collada last I checked, which doesn’t support animations.

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cannot export FBX directly from SP but had succes exporting the mesh from SP, then re-importing that mesh to 3ds max, then animating that mesh, reapplying textures and then exporting an FBX through game exporter, then pack that FBX with the textures exported from SP, finally uploading manually the zip packed with all.
I delete the collada file but include the animated FBX exported with games exporter. phew.