Animation Problem with shaky movement


(Serphantim) #1

If you play the animation on 0.1 speed you can see a lot of weird shaking going on during the middle frames. The center point of the drill part is not centered properly so thats why its also moving but you can clearly see the shaking.

If anyone could help clear up what causes this that would be great. I dont know how i stopped the lower part from shaking so much as it had the same problem earlier. I use Maya for the animation if it helps.

The model in question is:

Test Problem Animation
by Serphantim
on Sketchfab

(Serphantim) #2

Hello again,

I've added bones to the model now and the problem seems to have dissapeared so that's nice gonna see if I can actually do what i planned on doing with the animation now.

EDIT: Adding bones seems to have fixed the problem so this thread is no longer relevant. The final version can be found here:

Tech Blade 2 Animation
by Serphantim
on Sketchfab


Great, thanks for sharing the solution.

By the way, if you just copy/paste the model URL into the forum post, it becomes an embed. You don't need to put the full embed code here.

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Alrighty, figured there was an easier way too embed. I will keep that in mind then.