Animation stopped working in my model

So I uploaded this model The Last Alliance (Battle of Dagorlad) - 3D model by Pebetron (@pebetron) - Sketchfab with animations few days ago, and it was working fine, but suddenly animations stoped working, now , whenever I watch it, animations wont play, the play button/timeline won´t even appear and the thumbnail has changed to display the static posse… everything seems fine in the 3d settings editor, I tried saving changes but nothing happens… help please

Hmmm… It doesn’t show as if it has any animation at all, could be a bug or something else. Lets try few things.
Are you using Blender? Did you tick all of the boxes on export?

In the Sketchfab Editor. Do you see any animations showing up?

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Hi , I didnt export on fbx or other formats, just uploaded the .blend, (in other formats, the animations for the capes wont work)`but I don´t think the problem is there. It worked perfectly fine in sketchfab for days, but animations stopped working today. they work fine on Sketchfab editor(I can se “take one”

and it works , but then, as you say, in the model viewer shows as if it has any animation at all… ty for the reply, btw^^

This is so strange :confused: I think maybe @james should have a look at this.

Personalty I would try fixing this is by simply reupload the scene (I know it sounds like an IT guy is saying, have you tried to turn it off and on again? :smiley:).
Sketchfab should keep all of the materials and textures set up after reupload, unless you have changed something in the scene.


Yeah man! reuploading worked! I hope it will stay that way this time^^ Thank you very much, the problem was weird, but the solution turned out to be easy, I should have tried that before complaining ^^.


Sorry about that! We had some issues related to animations lately, but I think they should be fixed now.

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Everything is fine now! ^^

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