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Animation Stuck in Static Pose, doesn't play animation automatically

(Felbro Displays) #1

Never had this problem before, model opens in browser in static pose, making changes in 3d settings/ animation and saving…still browser opens model in static pose, doesnt auto play…has something changed?


Sorry about that. It’s a known issue and we have a fix coming soon. ETA next Tuesday.

(Felbro Displays) #4

Thank you

(Phraxis38) #5

Thanks James !
Don’t look at this morning post after all :wink:


This issue should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience!

(Phraxis38) #7

Thanks to you :wink:

(1008008) #8

I have this problem too. My sketch was supposed to go live today for a client :frowning:

(1008008) #9

Tried duplicating the sketch and the new one has the same problem. is it just me?


It seems to be working as expected now.