Animation Suggestions

(Robertramsay) #1


Re: Animation Section
Main: Floor and Animation speed default

Can you add the option to add a floor / Ground plane to the scene and also have it save the default animation speed from the settings.

User: robertramsay


Ground plane: coming soon

Animation speed: great feedback, thanks! cc @mauricesvay

(Ironbelly) #3

I'll add a suggestion to this list:

  • Allow multiple FBX files to be uploaded, one which contains the mesh and rig, the others that contain just animations.
    • Allowing the user to select which one's the rig/mesh and the others become the anims, or have it detect automatically(or both).

At Ironbelly most of our clients prefer the individual animations to have their own .fbx or at the very least the animations are on a single timeline but still on a separate FBX. Over here we end all rigged meshes with _LPR (low poly rigged) and in unity all of our animation files will have an @ in them(which makes me cringe everytime I see it smile ) so I imagine it wouldn't be too tough to have a system separate the rigs from the animations.