Animation Support for Blender 2.8

Hello there :wave:

This is just a quick note to let you know that we have recently released a beta version of animation support for Blender 2.8. You can directly upload an animated .blend file via the website, or use our Importer/Exporter Blender addon to streamline the process.

We are doing our best to support the widest range of animations, and although most of them should work without further modifications, there are still some edge cases in which uploaded models might not look as they do in Blender, or return an error after processing.

Current state

Supported animations

Here are the types of animations that are currently supported:

  • Keyframed solid transforms (Location, Rotation, Scale)
  • Objects animated through constrained transforms (Follow-track, Copy-location…)
  • Armature animations
  • Shape Key (or “Morphing”) animations

Multiple animations / objects

  • If your scene only contains one animated object (or armature), each action assigned to it should get processed into a distinct animation track on Sketchfab. That’s the case for a rigged character with idle, walk or run animations for instance.
  • If your scene contains multiple animated objects, all of the currently active animations should get exported and merged into a single track on Sketchfab.

Known issues

  • Rotation errors might happen on children of armatures. If you can, we suggest you to try and apply the transformations (Ctrl + A) of the impacted object and its parents.
  • Flat-shaded objects deformed through shape keys are displayed in Sketchfab with smooth shading.
  • NLA tracks offset are not well supported yet.
  • Although this last point is not technically an issue, please note that we don’t support the animation of materials or modifiers.

Feedback welcome!

Your feedback and bug reports are of course more than welcome, and will help us improve the feature, and take into consideration cases we would not have thought of otherwise.

Feel free to upload animated .blend files to Sketchfab, and if any error or strange behavior occurs, do not hesitate to reply to this thread, or send me an e-mail directly (if you do not want your files to be made public) at the address loic dot norgeot at sketchfab dot com.

Such feedback should at least contain the url to a problematic model on Sketchfab, along with the original .blend file.

Any additional information is of course good to have too, such as:

  • Did you use some specific workflow or advanced “trick” for the animation?
  • Did you create the animations manually, or using addons or external software?
  • Did you manage to get a simplified version of your model to display correctly?
  • … Any relevant info really :wink:

Thanks in advance for your help, and happy blender-ing !



Thanks for your work on the Blender integration, its great to see Sketchfab coming to Blender 2.8 :grinning:

I have found a ‘bug’ when trying to upload a specific type of animated armature. Namely, an armature that has a pose animation + and an object animation combined. It seems to produce a distorted result:

sketchfab (armature is the stick-like object on the left):


Thanks again for your help and work!



Hi Nick, and thanks for your report !

That’s exactly the kind of descriptions we are looking for, with a nice minimal example and an attached .blend, thanks for that :wink:

This bug enters into one of the types of bugs we have indeed noticed, and a fix is already on its way and should hopefully be available on the website sometimes during next week…

I’ll make sure to leave an update here when that will be the case :+1:

Thanks again !


@NickMasterton I added 1 upload credit to your account to compensate for uploading the test file. Thanks for your help!