Animation upload issue

(Shawnbel) #1

Hey everyone, I was excited to find out I was added to the list of beta testing animations and immediately wanted to try it out. For some reason, I can't seem to figure out how it is enable upon upload and my settings match the 3ds Max settings inside of Help documentation. Ill post a link of my settings Any help would be appreciated. I am using 3ds max 2016 and tried with both the fbx 2014/15 and 2016 exporter.



You should not enable Bake Animation in 3ds Max.

(Shawnbel) #3

That was my mistake, I just realized that in the help document, that tab isn't even opened. I also just read editable poly does not work which is probably my current issue.


Yep, sorry about that. I added a small note in the help doc.

(Shawnbel) #5

Even after those changes, I still can't seem to get it working properly. I'm using a CAT rig inside of 3ds max, but other then that, everything else seems to be following the rules.


Hmm ok. @waleguene any ideas?

Could you send us a sample file?

(Makerlounge) #7

Maybe a stupid question, but how can I make those animations? Bart told me that I'm invited, but I don't know how to start.


@Makerlounge here's a place to start:

(Shawnbel) #9

Any new found info on the possible issue?

(Waleguene) #10

Hi @shawnbel, and sorry for this late answer.
I think you already get the answer for this, but it may interest other users.

CAT are not supported by the FBX file format. In order to export animation that are made using CAT (Character Animation Toolkit), you need to use the baking option in the 3dsMax export windows:

Btw, The help page will be updated with this info soon smile

(Bart) #11

I've added your tip to the Animation Wiki page:

(Ricswika) #12

What exactly is the status of the animation feature? I follow the instructions that make it sound like animation is available to everyone (no mention of signing up as a beta tester) and I can not for the life of me get the animation feature to show up. Is this still in beta, and if so why not say so in the instructions?

(Ricswika) #13

I'll answer my own question by saying if you dig a little deeper you can find this beta registration form.

If you just follow the help you don't see this, so a bit confusing at best.

(Bart) #14

Agreed. We're working hard to go out of beta as soon as possible!