Animation Visibility Trouble


(Kwest5114) #1


So I am having a problem with my model. I tried to have a few parts visibility toggle depending on the animation clip. Soon I figured out I would have to go to scale to get that effect. The problem I am having is when I upload my model, there isn't any scaling happening. All the parts of the model are visible all the time. I have tried to export the model without joints, and they do work and parts are visible when they need to be! I am using Maya, and the game exporter mode to get separate clips... Thanks for the help!

Tyler Hinthorne

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @kwest5114,

On Sketchfab, visibility is not supported so it's "converted" to very very small scales, except for the bones because we had several cases where the users intentionally make the bones invisible and the model was completely disappearing.

So, as you mention, the right way to do it is to play with scales and apply them to the bones.
Are you using small scales on bones on the model you posted here? or visibility ?


(Kwest5114) #3

I am currently using scale on the actual model, not the bones. So It will only work when applied to the bones instead?

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After testing a few things, I have found a way to get the effect I was trying to go for! Thank you for the help! I just created a new joint for the specific object I wanted to hide!