Animation With Multiple Joint Chains Issue


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I have a model that is rigged and animated in Maya using multiple joint chains on different hierarchies, i.e. the arm joints are separate from the fingers and clavicle, which is separate from the spine, etc. All of these chains are skinned to the same mesh. When I export a .fbx, I select my geometry and the root joint of each chain and set it to bake out all animation. The .fbx seems to animate fine in 3D Builder, but when uploaded to Sketchfab, I get the problem you see below. It seems that Sketchfab only recognizes one joint chain and its associated skinning when it comes to animations, disregarding all others.

Is there any way to work around or fix this limitation, or do I absolutely have to use only a single joint chain for animations?

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Thanks for all the help and support, you guys. Really appreciate it.

I had to duplicate my joints and geometry, reparent the joints into a single skeleton hierarchy, skin the duplicate geometry to it and transfer the skin weights from the old geometry, and then use parent constraints to fudge all of the animation over onto the new skeleton. It turned out nice, but it was a lot of work and probably a very dirty solution. If anyone has any better ways of going about it (besides rigging the model to a whole skeleton in the first place), I'm all ears. Otherwise that's apparently the best solution to a problem that nobody else seems to be having.

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Sorry for not responding :cry:

I'm glad you got it working. I'm afraid I don't know enough about Maya to suggest a better workflow... :frowning: