Animations list

hi i get one model from three.js , when i upload to sketchfab there is one list of animations
but i don’t know how to build this kind of list in 3Dmax.
if somebody can help me
the model url is Robot Expressive - Download Free 3D model by 来打样 (@vr-go) - Sketchfab

You’re trying to import multiple animations into 3ds Max?

no, i need this kind of animation list for the model on sketchfab.
then i get this model from three.js website.
i thought it is made by program, but i upload it on sketchfab, i found the list is in the model.
i don’t know how to make this kind of list in 3Dmax which i upload to sketchfab ,the list will show auto.

I am not an animator, but I think 3dsmax doesnt show the list of animations. Have you checked the animation layers? Are all of the animationa in the same animation timeline?

i trying to creat multiple animations by 3ds Max

If I understand you correctly, you have a 3ds max scene. In which you have an animated model with different animations. And you want to export this scene to Sketchfab, but you want to have animation list on Sketchfab.
Check this link. I think this is what you’re looking for.

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